Houston Barrels About Us/Frequently asked questions

At Houston Barrels we prioritize your container needs by putting ourselves in your shoes. We strive to provide you with honest, thoughtful, no-frills business, quality products, and fair prices.

Houston barrels began after searching extensively for barrels for a small recycling company my wife and I started several years ago. After a long and arduous search we eventually found a reliable source for safe quality barrels which led to the start of Houston Barrels. Throughout the years, I’ve taken a keen interest in many of the projects of Houston Barrels’ customers. In doing so, I have become a gardener, bee keeper, rain harvester, Youtube certified DIY-er, licensed wildlife conservationist, composter, and chicken farmer.

Frequently asked questions:

Is this what you do for a living?

Yes. Selling barrels is my job aside from being a full-time husband and part-time stay at home dad. I do not claim bread winner status but I love what I do because I get to recycle for a living while providing a decent income for my family while being a cog in the projects of my largely like-minded customer base..

Where do you get your barrels from?

I purchase my barrels from all over the state and I do my best to quality check most to all barrels that come in to my facility.

What comes in the barrels?

Houston barrels normally tries to keep an inventory of predominately food grade containers and when other containers are purchased it is made evidently clear to customers what came in them and that they are not for anything involving human, animal, nor plant consumption.

Why are certain barrels priced differently than others?

Barrels are priced based upon cost, supply, demand, and market value.

What are your weekend hours?

I operate some* Saturdays from 8am-12pm.

*(Most Weekends are reserved for family time. Call Friday before 6p to find out if I'll be available for Saturday hours.)

Are all of the containers you have for sale listed on your website?

No. Only the barrels that are most frequently in stock will be listed on the website. Feel free to ask about other barrels by phone or before you come.

Do you deliver?

Yes, the minimum order for delivery of plastic, fiber, or IBC containers is $200. For metal barrels, the minimum for delivery is $300.

Do you offer discounts?

Houston Barrels is currently offering a %10 discount for pick-up purchases over $100 and a 15% discount for pick-up purchases over $300. Discounts do not apply to metal barrels.

We are also offering Free delivery* within a 10 mile radius of downtown for purchases of $200 or more.

*Free Delivery does not apply to discounted orders.

Can I use the barrels for potable water?

Legally, no one is allowed to sell used drums for drinking water. It’s not recommended due to the not so small chance that any/all particulates are cleaned from a used food drum and that some mold or bacteria may form due to such. Just to be fair, It’s also illegal for me to follow you home and tell you what I think you should do with whatever you spend your money on.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently I accept cash and card (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex)

Where are you located and how do I set an appointment?

Please call for address and to set an appointment. I’m a very small operation and I sometimes take deliveries during business hours. I’d hate for either one of us to miss each other while I am away.